Our collaborative approach allows clients to actively participate in the development and implementation of the various elements that make up the Safety Plan of International Activities, which promotes ownership and contributes to the development of a safety culture.  


Draw up a precise portrait of your organization’s practices targeting the priorities to address in terms of your travellers’ safety. After completing this exercise, you will be able to develop a work plan to achieve your organizational safety goals.


Intervene prior to situations to improve the safety of your international activities. Our prevention and management tools reduce your administrative burden (ex. pre-departure medical process and telemedicine, agreement protocol, risk-informed consent form and trip extension, etc.).


Training travellers and the administrative personnel involved in international activities is an important prevention measure. Our virrtual Campus offers innovatove, and engaging trainings that contribute to the culture of safety of your organization. 


Demonstrate authority with a policy that clearly establishes your organization's position on the safety of your international activities. Aleas's expertise ensures that your governance document presents all the essential elements for sound safety management.

Crisis Management

Rely on comprehensive protocols and procedures to effectively respond to international crisis situations.

IT Solutions

Enhance your safety practices with efficient management and communication tools. Our technological solutions allow safety contexts to be monitored and provide the ability to act efficiently and confidently.