Alexandra George | CHRP

Safety Counselor and Trainer

Alexandra George, Certified Human Resources Advisor, has worked for 10 years in the humanitarian aid sector with, among others, Doctors Without Borders and in the community in various non-profit organizations. Her experiences as a human resources manager and trainer in Canada and around the world have enabled her to develop expertise in multicultural team management, training development and facilitation as well as human resource needs analysis. She always strives to offer solutions that benefit both the organization and the people who work there, and supports her clients in the development of cohesive and efficient teams. 


Alexandra holds two bachelor's degrees from the University of Ottawa in International Development and Education, and recognizes the importance of pedagogy in the process of meeting the needs of the organizations she works with. She is an experienced trainer who focuses on analyzing the needs of each group with whom she works; she adapts to the knowledge, skills and needs of each individual so that her training truly corresponds to the learner’s reality. 


As a safety advisor, Alexandra supports Aleas clients in the analysis of safety needs and implements risk management protocols and procedures. She also contributes significantly to the development of the Aléas Campus training offer and to the development of tools and management protocols for Aléas.