Tom Gauvreau

Senior Security Analyst

Tom Gauvreau has nearly twenty years of military experience in the Canadian Armed Forces where he is still actively serving as a Reservist. He first served as an infantry soldier specializing in reconnaissance, then in military intelligence as an analyst and a field operator. His professional background involves several operational deployments, including in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan. He is now committed to training and mentoring the next generation of Canadian military intelligence operators.

Upon graduating in business administration from Laval University's Faculty of Business Administration, Mr. Gauvreau felt concerned by the security issues affecting Canadian travelers and was compelled to use his experience and expertise in providing consulting services to Canadian organizations working abroad. Mr. Gauvreau is currently collaborating with Aléas in the training and analysis of the organizational risk management processes of its clientele. In addition, he acts as Aléas’s security advisor and plays a leading role in the development of the firm’s products and services.