Sanya Boislard


Aléas Campus

Sanya Boislard is a social worker whose training focuses on supporting international school groups and intercultural relations. With a human approach to her work team and mindful of the relationship developed with Aléas customers, she is the ideal person to occupy the training coordinator position. Following her field experiences in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, she has acquired solid intercultural skills and mastered the required abilities to successfully carry out international projects. Having worked as a counselor at the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme and as a communication and educational programs’ assistant at Solidarité Laurentides Amérique centrale (SLAM), an organization in international cooperation, she has a solid grasp of the reality of school and community environments.

In addition to her diploma in social work techniques, Sanya is a graduate of the UQÀM Faculty of Communication. Recognized by the educational establishments she attended through various awards and scholarships, and then through prestigious competitions such as Le Concours Québécois en Entrepreneuriat, Forces Avenir and L'Œuvre Léger (now Mission inclusion), her academic excellence is now reflected in her passion for a job well done and the commitment to be fully involved in the projects entrusted to her.

Sanya is known for her efficiency, organization, excellent analytical skills and critical thinking. Thanks to her open-mindedness, dynamic personality and great social strength, she is able to provide reassuring support and establish optimal collaborative connections.