Marie-Claude Du Cap

Founder & CEO 

Marie-Claude Du Cap is President and Chief Executive Officer of Aléas, a company she founded by combining her passion for international travel, her creativity and her need to develop new projects.

An experienced and results-oriented executive, Marie-Claude has 15 years of experience in decision-making positions in the fields of international logistics, program development and risk management. She has all the expertise to successfully manage her business and work teams as well as provide outstanding service to her clients.

She held the position of International Mobility Advisor at the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme for more than 10 years where the safety of her travellers was at the heart of her concerns. Several international missions have also allowed Marie-Claude to expand her know-how and thus gain a clear understanding of the reality in the field. Her combined experience in the education network and as Director of Corporate Training at SiriusMedx contributes to her understanding of the complex issues facing her clients, and her insight allows her to develop solutions tailored to their real needs.

Marie-Claude is an involved business woman who is committed to making a real difference, both in her professional and personal life and in the many communities to which she belongs. Always looking for new challenges, she wants to offer the best of herself to all those who cross her path.