Jolianne Lequin

Collaborator in

Research and Development

Jolianne Lequin specializes in civil security within the Quebec government's public administration. Her work consists of improving municipal and governmental preparedness for crises situations by promoting a culture of security through collaborative, global and integrated approaches.


Holder of a bachelor’s degree in geography as well as a master's degree in international development management and humanitarian aid, Jolianne acted in Western Africa and in the Caribbean as an advisor for a Canadian NGO in 2011.  Since her last stay in Mali, she pursued various trainings in civil and military coordination offered by the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations Office.


Involved with the coordination of various regional committees, Jolianne is passionate about the development of capacity building within Québec organizations.

Jolianne is involved with Aléas as a consultant with businesses and municipalities that send employees abroad. She is also participating actively to the development of preventive measures as well as managing tools and protocols. Jolianne is also a member of Aléas' Advisory Board.